Protecting human beings from the growing threats of bacterial infections for a safer world.

Protecting human beings from the growing threats of bacterial infections for a safer world.

Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health concern worldwide and is caused by misuse and overuse of antibiotics that are used for treating infections caused by bacteria.

We created Bitte to help clinicians to identify the type of bacteria which infected patients and chose appropriate antibiotics for better patient outcome.

Accurate, rapid, and inexpensive diagnostic techniques are important for the proper use of antibiotics.

Flow for identification of causative bacteria.

Inappropriate use of antibiotics has contributed to the increase in antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

Background of AMR Problem and Targeted Products.


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Products ・ Services

PoCGS®-iE Research Use Only Automated Gram Stainer

Point of Care Gram Staining (PoCGS)

This is a small and low-priced medical device that can be installed in emergency outpatient departments, intensive care units, and community clinics. Stain the patient sample on a slide glass and set it in PoCGS to complete the stained sample in a short time (10 minutes). The sample type(urine, sputum, etc.), reagent titration amount, staining time, etc. can be changed on the operation panel.

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BiTTE®-iE Research Use Only Microbial Estimation AI Software

Application for estimating bacterial species in bacterial infections & Appropriate antibiotic selection support system BiTTE

This system supports highly accurate bacterial species estimation using AI image recognition technology for Gram stain images, and the selection of appropriate antibiotics connecting with antibiograms.

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Tele Diagnosis Platform

Bacterial Growth Monitor(Research Use Only)

Enables early detection of bacterial growth by monitoring the optical density (OD) of solid culture plates.

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Smartphone adapter for microbial observation AMO

A dedicated device for smooth and stable connection between an optical microscope and a smartphone device.

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専門分野特化コンサルティング 感染症領域事業企画支援サービス

Field-specific consulting Infectious disease field business planning support service

Support for new business strategy planning and execution, and various related surveys and analyses. We also provide support for project management and other business planning operations.

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Support Services for Professionals

We aim to provide highly reliable and professional information necessary for medical professionals and researchers in the field of infectious diseases, as well as services that support career development.

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