PoCGS®-iE Research Use Only Automated Gram Stainer

PoCGS®-iE Research Use Only Automated Gram Stainer

PoCGS®-iE is a portable Gram stainer. Once the sample is smeared on a glass slide and placed in the PoCGS®-iE, a Gram-stained sample is ready in a short time (about 6 minutes). Parameters such as reagent application time, staining time, can be modified and saved for each sample from the control panel.
  • Automation

    Automate processes such as fixation, staining, rinsing, and drying.

  • Staining parameters can be customized.

    Staining parameters can be modified for different samples and facilities.

  • Placed anywhere.

    Its compact size and optional water and waste tanks allow it to be placed anywhere.

Open the lid on the top of PoCGS®-iE and place the slide glass.
After setting the slide glass, press the start button.
Staining is completed in as little as 6 minutes.
Create or modify new staining recipes while viewing them on the LCD monitor. All parameters such as application time, reaction time, wash time can be customized
Item Specifications
Dimensions / Weight W205×H345×D280(mm) / 9kg
Staining Time 1 slide approx. 6 min (standard).
Adjustment parameters application time, fixation time, wash time, air blow time (seconds). Parameters can be saved (up to 10 sets).

PoCGS®-iE development history

Gram staining is used daily as a method for detecting microorganisms in various research fields and industries. However, there are some problems with Gram staining, such as the need for skilled workers to perform the staining process consistently, and the physical and mental strain on workers caused by the unique odor and staining properties of the reagents.

During the development of the "Microbial Estimation AI Software BiTTE®-iE", there were many requests to automate not only the determination of bacteria after staining but also the staining of samples for the above reasons, which led us to start the development of the "PoCGS®-iE Research Use Only Automated Gram Stainer".

As we surveyed the market during the development process, we learned that various industries, mainly in the industrial sector, use their own unique and creative methods for Gram staining. As for the installation place of the unit, we heard many requests to keep the exclusive floor space as small as possible, since various test devices were already installed in the area.

Therefore, we proceeded with development based on the design concept that the staining process (we call it "staining recipe") can be customized by the user and that it should be as small, light, and simple as possible. (*Multiple staining recipes by the user can be stored.)

In addition, the staining quality, which is the most important aspect of the product, is equivalent to that of skilled experts. We are proud that this staining quality has been achieved through several years of collaboration with various academia and institutes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the researchers who have contributed to the development and verification of this instrument.

The PoCGS®-iE Research Use Only Automated Gram Stainer can be used to perform standard Gram staining as well as customized Gram staining for each site in a stable and repeatable manner, resulting in improved sample estimation accuracy. We hope that our PoCGS®-iE will help those involved in microbiological detection and testing.

Product Manager
Takashi Saito


A: No, PoCGS®-iE automates the entire process from fixation, staining, rinsing and drying. You only need to smear the sample on the slide, place it in the PoCGS®-iE and press the START button.

A:Yes, you can try Giemsa staining by adjusting the parameters, but no verification study has been conducted yet. Please contact us if you would like to try other staining methods.

A: No, it can be installed anywhere there is electricity. Optional water and waste tanks allow it to be placed anywhere.

A: No. However, we recommend the Bartholomew & Mittwer method.

A: Yes, you can change any parameters and register them for future use.

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