Field-specific consulting Infectious disease field business planning support service

Support for new business strategy planning and execution, and various related surveys and analyses. We also provide support for project management and other business planning operations.

CarbGeM supports the incubation and development of new businesses in the field of infectious diseases with our proprietary experience and know-how.

Fields of support and response

■Support for planning of quantitative and qualitative business plans, fund-raising strategies, product development strategies, intellectual property and licensing strategies, sales and marketing strategies, etc.

■Support for industry-academia collaboration, acquisition of grant, government funds, development support (medical device approval), and execution of various contract negotiations.

■Project management support, including research and analysis, including market research (competitors and technologies, market surveys, etc.) and interviews with experts and users, process formulation and management, operation of regular meetings, and action plan formulation based on analysis of plan/performance comparisons.

Competitive Financing Record