Published in the online edition of Nature, a general science journal.

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「Diagnosing bacterial infections using smartphones」

国際的な総合科学雑誌Natureオンライン版 (2021年12月10日)にて、弊社記事広告「Diagnosing bacterial infections using smartphones」が掲載されました。ぜひ、ご覧ください。


「“Key opinion leaders suggested we develop the technology on smartphones, as physicians in many parts of the world have them at hand,” says Miyatsuka.」

An artificial-intelligence model on the cloud generates results in roughly 30 seconds, including a degree of confidence. The system suggests the most promising antibiotics based on antibiograms, the collection of data about the susceptibility of bacteria in each facility or region to various antibiotics.」

細菌感染症菌種推定アプリ・適正抗菌薬選定支援システム BiTTE(ビッテ)
記事本文中で紹介している細菌感染症菌種推定アプリ・適正抗菌薬選定支援システム BiTTE(ビッテ)